Custom Domains

Custom domains allow Job Boardly users to use their own domain name, rather than a subdomain of Job Boardly. This gives users a professional-looking URL that is memorable and easy to share.

Setting up a custom domain is simple and can be done in the Job Boardly dashboard.

Using a custom domain also adds credibility to the user's job board. It creates a more professional appearance and can help establish trust with job seekers and employers. Additionally, a custom domain can improve the search engine ranking of the job board, as search engines tend to give preference to websites with their own domain name.

Overall, custom domains are a great way to take your job board to the next level. By using your own domain name, you can create a more professional and trustworthy appearance, and improve your job board's search engine ranking. With Job Boardly, setting up a custom domain is quick and easy, so you can start reaping the benefits right away.

Our custom domain infrastructure is powered by SaaS Custom Domains to ensure reliability and ease of setup. If you need any help setting up your custom domain email us at hello@jobboardly.com